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V1- Xenja vom Bamberger Tal, SchH I, ADRK Koerung puppies have arrived, click here for details....

Thank you for your interest in a "Vom Maegdeberg" Rottweiler-Puppy.

However, before you pursue the purchase of a Rottweiler any further and decide to call us or any other breeder(s), please take a few brief moments and educate yourself. 
Carefully review the information contained in the various links and closely read this entire page. 
You may find some helpful hints or come to the conclusion, that a 
A Rottweiler may not be the most ideal dog for you .  
Xenja puppies have arrived on 10-19-2006 
Puppies will be ready to leave to their new homes by 12-15-2006

Sire: Top V-rated Quno vom Haus Sommer
OFA Good # RO-64317G32M-PI
DNA-Profile# V325016
A large, powerful male with lots of 
substance and bone strength.
Quno has excellent temperament; very people
oriented and children friendly, making him
an true Ambassador of the Rottweiler Breed. 

Dam: V1- Xenja vom Bamberger-Tal 
SchH I, BH, AD, DNA-Profile # V437386
ADRK ZTP and ADRK Koerung
HD-Free and ED-free 
For more info on Xenja click here 

This breeding represents the most sought after German ADRK conformation and working bloodlines:
Based on the genetic path of their ancestors we expect from this breeding well balanced puppies 
of large size with lots of bone and sound structure, dark eye and mouth pigmentation and an outgoing temperament with lots of drive 
Suitable for Show - Working and Family Companion homes.
(Click on the dogs name below to see a picture)
Hoss von Oetterkotten; Noris vom Gruentenblick ; Fuerst vom Wolfert Turm ; Flash vom Wolfert Turm 
  ; Doc von der TeufelsbrueckeAmbassador Vom Freienfels ; Ayk vom Bickesheim ;  
Ken vom Schwaiger Wappen
Benno von der Schwarzen Heide ; Willi vom Hause Neubrand 

To view a complete picture pedigree for this litter, click here.
Pictures below are Xenja's offspring from her previous litters . 

Xenja vom Bamberger Tal daughter 

 Delya vom Bamberger Tal
SchH III, FH, ADRK ZTP, HD & Ed free
participant at ADRK FH Nationals
multiple times V1 Rated, including 
ADRK Klubsieger Show 

Xenja vom Bamberger Tal son

Gismo vom Bamberger Tal
multiple times V1 rated in multiple countries 

Xenja vom Bamberger Tal daughter
Donna vom Bamberger Tal 
SchH III, FH, ADRK ZTP, HD & Ed free
multiple times V1 Rated  

If you are interested in owning a "Vom Maegdeberg" Rottweiler, 
please contact us
via e-mail
or Tel: (001)-845-695-2059

At "Vom Maegdeberg Rottweilers", we have puppies only on a very limited occasion from  carefully selected
DNA certified breeding stock, that has been V-(excellent) rated in conformation, with  stable, outgoing, friendly temperaments and  certified by OFA to be free of hip dysplasia . Dysplasia is a severe hereditary  joint  disease, that is quite common in Rottweilers and other large dog breeds. Depending on the severity it can be debilitating to the dogs mobility. Dysplasia can only be detected by radiographic X-rays.  
Be aware, many backyard breeders and commercial puppy mills still breed with dogs that have not been X-rayed or knowingly have hip and/or elbow dysplasia. 

 All of our puppies are born, raised, and socialized in a clean family, home environment.  This allows us to spend quality time with each puppy, socializing them with lots of human contact, including small children, to promote the development of an outgoing, friendly and stable temperament. Do Not let breeders tell you that they cannot socialize their puppies or take them off their premises due to the chance of acquiring parvo virus or other illnesses. This is just a lame excuse. It is absolutely possible to expose puppies at an early age to all kinds of experiences i.e. riding in a car, having many different types and ages of people interact with them, being in a vast array of environments,  without exposing them to parvo or other illnesses. Socializing puppies is just A LOT of hard work and most "commercial"  breeders or "back yard" breeders just don't want to invest the time.  However, socialization at an early age is utmost imperative for the Rottweiler to develop a stable, outgoing temperament.

Ceenapups.jpg (36596 bytes)

When breeding dogs, proper nutrition plays an utmost important role, just as important as it does on humans . Proper Canine specific nutrition of the male and the female prior to the breeding, as well as during the gestation and lactation period of the female is an important pro-active step towards prevention of future health problems and break downs in the offspring.  
 All our dogs are being maintained on a natural diet provided by the ABADY company, that contains a high amount of  raw meat and raw fish.
Our puppies are being strictly raised on a raw meat formulation in order to get off to the best possible start right from the "Get Go".  They will then,  at approx. 12 to 16 weeks of age, 
gradually transferred over to anyone of ABADY's excellent dry feeds mixed with large amounts of raw meat or raw fish. Our feeding approach is as close as it gets to the diet taking place in the nature.
  In terms of nutrition we believe in two simple rules:  

 1) The best is just good enough.
2) Become your Dogs Best Friend and your Veterinarians most seldom customer.

Please read the articles below for your own dog's 
health benefit, by clicking on the following links.

1) Test your Skills about Canine Nutrition
2) The sad truth about the modern puppy food.

3) To feed your dog the healthy way
4) How to reduce the risk of hip dysplasia.
5) Give your dog a bone
6)Everything about Green Tripe
7) FAQ about Raw Food Diet

8) Recommended Books about Raw Food Diet

9) Example Meals of the Raw Food Diet

10) Feeding Raw Fish

Our puppies are from the very beginning under veterinary control. By the time they leave for their new homes, appropriate medication for de-worming and immunization vaccines have been administered.   Furthermore, all of our puppies will be micro-chipped as well as tattooed with an identification number in their right ear to assure the proper permanent identity of the dog, A word about pricing:  Remember QUALITY is never expensive ; it is rather PRICELESS. We offer top quality, healthy , well socialized and cared for puppies at a fair price.   *****************************************************************************************************************************
"Vom Maegdeberg Rottweilersabsolutely does not  want to contribute to the negative reputation of the Rottweiler breed. We therefore only  welcome puppy inquiries from disciplined, mature and responsible people.  
Prior to contacting us kindly review these questions 

  • Are you and your family prepared to take on the responsibility to care for a Rottweiler for it's entire life?

Aside from the basics of care (affection, proper housing, nutrition, training and exercise), you must remember that the Rottweiler is a "Schutzhund" (protection) dog, not a lap dog.  As the owner of a "Schutzhund" dog, you must be fully accountable for your dog's actions.  That means you will not only train the dog to be a good canine citizen, you will also make sure he is under your supervision and control at all times.  Originally bred as a herding and protection dog, the true Rottweiler still possesses these basic instincts.  This does NOT mean the Rottweiler is vicious--quite the contrary, the Rottweiler must be mentally stable, yet always alert and ready to protect its master and home.  A dog like this requires a knowledgeable and disciplined owner, who understands the importance of proper care, socialization, training and breeding.  Without this knowledge, owning a Rottweiler could be a frustrating and difficult experience.  However, if you have a well-bred, top quality dog and the knowledge of how to bring out the best in him, you should be prepared to have the best dog you've ever known!

  • Do you have enough experience, and the time to take part in proper training?  Do you have sufficient space for a Rottweiler?  Rottweilers require space to run and play in order to release their energy.

An intelligent, physically healthy and powerful Rottweiler requires plenty of exercise (physical and mental) and human companionship.  Building a good relationship with your dog is time well spent.  Without it you'll find the dog becomes bored and destructive.  If you MUST kennel your dog every day, then you MUST also spend some concentrated quality time to release accumulated energy that otherwise will be quite destructive.  A fenced yard is necessary (so that the dog is not running loose all over the neighborhood), but it is not enough to just open the kennel door and let the dog out.  YOU must spend quality time with your dog (playing, training, exercising, etc.)  This is very critical, especially with Rottweilers.   If you cannot provide the time necessary to have a physically and mentally healthy dog, please do not buy a Rottweiler.  A non-working breed may suit you better.

  • Is a Rottweiler right for you and your family?  What reactions might appear in your surroundings if you have a Rottweiler?

This is NOT a breed for everyone, and you must consider your own personality, physical environment and emotional needs before you decide to acquire a Rottweiler.  When you come to us for a Rottweiler, we evaluate both the dog and you (the prospective owner) for compatibility and suitability for each other.  This is a lifetime companion and commitment.  Choose your dog as carefully as you would choose a best friend and soul mate.

  • Can you afford in a long-term view, all costs associated with raising and maintaining a dog?

You are responsible for every aspect of your dog's life:  grooming, feeding, exercise, training, veterinary care, licensing, affection, etc.  He will be a member of your family, and should be cared for accordingly;  nothing less is acceptable for a "Vom Maegdeberg"  Rottweiler.  When you acquire a Rottweiler, you should consider the breeder as your link to responsible and fulfilling dog ownership.  At "Vom Maegdeberg" Rottweilers  we gladly provide information and guidance about nutrition, training, housing, care, equipment, and future breeding advise.

Well, if you are still convinced that the Rottweiler is the ideal dog for you and you are ready to own one, give us a call at (845)-695-2059 or send us an e-mail
We are sure a "Vom Maegdeberg" Rottweiler will meet your expectations 
and make a great addition to your household.


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