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Timeline of the Rottweiler
This site will be periodically updated, as we search for more suitable pictures, if you have some pictures and  would like to share them  with the rest of the German Shepherd community, please e-mail them to us.

Remember: A dog breed is constantly and quickly evolving, the most striking and fascinating aspect of that evolution being that a "generation" only lasts two to three years. Therefore, within a 6 to 9 year time span, we can go from the great-grand-father to the great-grand-children.  In order to remain aware of the qualities and faults of each bloodline, so as to use those prone to better the breed, one has to be constantly looking out for new dogs and constantly question the validity of his or her choices regarding bloodlines.  That is what "selection" is all about.

 To view the picture simply click on the dogs name.

Amboss vom Teufelsteich  (90's)

Akino von der Lauterbruecke (90's)

Andro von der Lauterbruecke (90's)

Aki von der Peeler Huette (80's)

Asco von der Lauterbruecke (90's)

Ayk vom Bickesheim (90's)

Amadeus vom Silberpfeil (90's)

Arko v d Runderkrall (90's)

Ashley Spreeteufel (80's)

Axel v d Nedermolen (90's)

Balou Vom Silberblick (90's)

Benno v d Schwarzen Heide (80's)

Benn vom Ruppertsbach (90's)

Ben vom Schwaiger Rathaus (90's)

Brando vom Hause Neubrand (70's)

Brutus von der Hammerschmiede (90's)

Bronko od Dragicevica (90's)

Bulli vom Hungerbuehl (60's)

Calle vom Ehndorfer Moor (90's)

Caesar Vom Eisplatz (80's)

Cyras vom Leinetal (80's)

Carlo vom Hamburger Michel (80's)

Champ von der Scherrau (90's)

Carlo von der Frankentanne (90's)

Cornus vom Koenigssiek (80.s) Condor von der Frankentanne (90's)
Dasko vom Eisplatz (80's) Danjo vom Schwaiger Wappen (80's)
Donner vom Herrengarten (90's)

Donner vom Brunnenweible  (90's)

Dingo vom Schwaiger Wappen (70's) Doc von der Teufelsbruecke (90's)
Duck von der Nedermolen (80's) Dolf vom Weissen Graben (90,s)

Daimler vom Maegdeberg (00's)

Eyck von Tengen  (90's)

Endy von der Kurpfalz (90,s)

Falko von der Tente (80's)

Falko vom Gruentenblick (80's)

Falco von der Teufelsbruecke (90,s)
Ferres vom Hirschenrangen (90's)

Ferro von der Teufelsbruecke (90,s)

Gary Gruentenblick (80's)

Endo Hamburger Michel (80's)

Gil Crni Lotos before (90's)

Gil Crni Lotos after (90's)

Kassan Leinetal (80's)

Cyra 1 Cyra2

International Rottweiler Picture Gallery 


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