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"Vom Maegdeberg"  Rottweilers
, instituted in the early 70's in the small town of Muehlhausen, Germany beneath the Maegdeberg mountain,  is now located in Scotchtown, New York, USA.. (Approximately 60 miles northwest of New York City. Nearby airports include, Stewart-Field, Newark, LaGuardia, and Kennedy).

The word "Kennel" actually does not really apply to us so well after all.  It usually implies several females, possibly multiple stud dogs and a steady, almost industrial like "production".  We currently own only two Rottweilers, our SchH III competition male and stud dog "Gauner vom Bamberger-Tal" and his daughter "Ceena vom Maegdeberg", both are top V-rated in conformation. Well planned and thought thru breedings occur only occasionally. Owning and breeding  Rottweilers is a very serious and utmost passionate hobby to us. Yes, both my wife and myself still make our living the old fashioned way, having a full time job in the engineering field.

Every year, we visit numerous AKC and German style Rottweiler shows in North America and Europe, in order to continuously learn more about Rottweilers and those bloodlines prone to bettering the breed according to the breed standard, on the one hand, and according to our own conception of the Rottweiler within that standard, on the other.

Our frequent trips, as well as the extensive use of as many available sources as possible, also allow us to closely observe the main foreign breeding stocks, whether German, Austrian, Italian, Belgian, but also,  Dutch, Canadian and American.

  The Merits of the German Way.

A dog breed is constantly and quickly evolving, the most striking and fascinating aspect of that evolution being that a "generation" only lasts two to three years.   Therefore, within a 6 to 9 year time span, we can go from the great-grand-father to the great-grand-children.  In order to remain aware of the qualities and faults of each bloodline, so as to use those prone to better the breed, one has to be constantly looking out for new dogs and constantly question the validity of his or her choices regarding bloodlines.  That's what "selection" is all about.

Keeping this in mind, it is therefore logical that we should try and rely on the work of those countries who have been controlling and monitoring their breeding stock for years, keeping an eye on the production of qualities as well as faults, on the ability to work, all this within the rules set by the breed standard.  For the time being, no country in the world is as advanced as Germany in this field of studies.

By the way, let's set things straight:  this is not about placing Germany on a pedestal just for the sake of it.  Selection is no exact science and is far from being one;  each year, German breeders, just like elsewhere, produce their lot of absolutely mediocre dogs who are totally uninteresting as far as breeding is concerned.   However, the Germans have been keeping a breed book for many years, in which one can find all the dogs born in Germany, along with all the faults observed, as well as the HD and ED grades of all X-rayed dogs.  On top of this, we also find the entire description, including body measurements and detailed temperament evaluation, of dogs who have gone through the ZTP and Koerung tests.  It is precisely this honesty and willingness to expose even the most unpleasant facts regarding the production of such or such dog, which nowadays account for Germany leading the way in the field of good Rottweilers.

It is a fact, that nowadays, only the use of well documented stud dogs (according to the ADRK guide lines) allows us to know "where we are heading" regarding possible faults, but also qualities, of the future offspring.

The study of dogs in the show ring, ZTP's,  Koerungs, SchH-trials etc. throughout the world, as well as the careful analysis of all available documents (we posses all ADRK breed books from 1935) regarding the selection of the breed, have given us a good grasp of the Rottweiler's "whereabouts" over the last 30 years.

From this, we have come to the conclusion that the goal of successful breeding means producing dogs who are better than their parents, and that such should be our endeavor whenever we set out to produce a litter.  The key to this is extensive knowledge on the existing bloodlines.

Our vision of the Rottweiler according to the German principle:
"Zucht auf Form und Leistung"

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left : <           V1 Enno vom Hamburger-Michel, SchHIII, AD, Koerung             right : >           Emma vom Maegdeberg 

In 2000 and for the years to come, we will strive to produce Rottweilers out of those bloodlines which we believe to be the most likely to produce dogs with:

We hope you subscribe to our point of view on the breed and on the way to select Rottweilers.  We remain at your disposal for further discussion and information.  Simply contact us either by phone 
845-695-2059 (between 8 PM and 10 PM EST ),  or by e-mail


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