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Well, I guess you really want to know who we are ?
This page will provide you with some basic information about ourselves and our involvements with Rottweilers.
The links will open up pictures of that particular Rottweiler.

"Vom Maegdeberg"  Rottweilers was established in the early 1970's in Germany by my father GŁnter Czechowski,  and myself,  Volker Czechowski. Our first litter, the "A"-litter,  was born and raised in 1977 out of V1 "Biene von Hohenhameln" SchH III and "Benno vom Allgauer Tor" SchHIII, FH  who became the German Bundessieger in 1978.
Prior to breeding I was primarily committed to showing  my dogs in conformation and training  them in Schutzhund, which I actually enjoy  more, even today.  In 1971 at the age of 9, I was the youngest person in Germany ever to train a dog (my first, a German Shepherd) to a Schutzhund I title. At the Worldsieger Show in 1976 in Innsbruck, Austria my Rottweiler male  "Karol vom Georgshof"  SchH III,  Koerung  placed V4  (4th place) in a very large class of working males. Since I was just 14 years old and weighing about ten pounds less than my dog, the biggest challenge was to keep the dog under control in a very small ring with more than 25 other male Rottweilers.  Our Rottweiler female "Froni vom Silberwald" SchH I won the 1976 Worldsiegerin title, a title that she won again at the 1979 Worldsieger Show in Bern, Switzerland.

Our first major success with dogs from our own breeding occurred  in 1980 when "Babette vom Maegdeberg SchH I,  Koerung (a Benno vom Allgauer Tor /  Froni vom Silberwald daughter),  won the ADRK Klubsieger-title and having defeated the famous  "Dingo vom Schwaiger Wappen" for Best in Show. In 1981 "Dunja vom Maegdeberg" (Benno/Froni daughter) and in 1982 "Fee vom Maegdeberg" (Brando Hause Neubrand/ Biene Hohenhameln daugthter)  won the ADRK-Klub-Youth-Siegerin title at the ADRK Klubsieger-show. In 1984 "Erasmus vom Maegdeberg" (Cliff Luckshof/ Babette Maegdeberg son) placed second in the ADRK SchH III Bundessieger Trial with a total score of 293 points  and 100 points in protection. A year later in 1985 "Erasmus vom Maegdeberg" won the ADRK SchH III Bundessieger Title  with a fantastic score of 295 points. To date only  "vom Waldhuck" and "vom Maegdeberg" Rottweilers  have bred dogs,   that won both, the prestigious ADRK conformation Klubsieger Title and the ADRK SchH III Bundessieger Title.

In 1982 I made the first of many visits to the United States. At that time I introduced together with the late Bruce Billings the first German style Rottweiler conformation show,   Rottweiler breed suitability test, Rottweiler Schutzhund training seminar and   Rottweiler only Schutzhund trial  at the NERF in Massachusetts with ADRK judge Hartmut Teschke. During the 80's and 90's I continued to conduct several similar events in many states throughout the U.S.  Furthermore, I had many judging assignments at USRC sanctioning shows  throughout the US and in overseas countries.

After numerous trips to the United States, I welcomed in 1988 the opportunity to work in the U.S. division of a large German capital equipment manufacturer as a  Sales & Project Manager. I am married and live with my wife, Melissa, our son, Sebastian and our two Rottweilers, Ceena and Emma, in Scotchtown, N.Y. family16.jpg (34816 bytes)

From 1974 until present I have owned the following Rottweilers:

I further consulted in bringing some of the finest European Import Rottweilers to the USA and other countries:

All these dogs listed above as well as many other Rottweilers carrying the "vom Maegdeberg" name can be found in pedigrees of successful working and conformation Rottweilers throughout the world. 
"Vom Maegdeberg" Rottweilers  have also successfully served as police K-9's in various European and overseas countries.

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